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Best ADHD & Neurodiversity Coach In St. Louis

Located in St. Louis, Level Up Coaching & Consulting provides ADHD & neurodiversity coaching that empowers queer, neurodivergent people struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, and uncertainty to build personal agency, confidence, and fulfillment in their lives and relationships. 

Struggling with communication? Frequent arguments or misunderstandings?

Feeling stuck? Know that you're capable of more, you want more, but just can't figure out how?

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Consulting Services

I serve allies/practitioners/service providers of queer, neurodivergent people struggling with ADHD, chronic pain, anxiety, or non-traditional relationship challenges through consulting services to increase the quality of client/patient care.

Reach out today with questions or concerns, or get on my calendar for a free consult.

Do You Need My Services?

If you have ADHD and struggle to make deadlines, set and stick with goals, have difficulty with prioritizing or organization, struggle with chronic pain or illness, or want to improve a relationship - reach out. I only work with those with who I feel strongly I can help drastically improve their life in some way. If for some reason you are not a good fit, I’m happy to connect you with other resources.

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Elle W

Noelle is incredibly adaptable and supports me on so many topics from work to friendship to dating. Noelle's candor makes me feel so comfortable opening up allowing me to then work towards ...

Ellen M

Noelle, is awesome. If I wrote a letter to the universe describing the perfect ADHD coach, that would be Noelle. She is kind and caring and extremely knowledgeable. She has given me SO much ...

Allie F

Working with Coach Noelle has been fantastic! They are extremely detail-oriented and have catered their coaching to my goals. As someone still learning about their newly-diagnosed ADHD, being ...

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